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Life is a journey, full of ups and downs. We like to think we know precisely where we’re heading, but the challenges we face along the way can throw us off course. When you feel like all is lost, belief in your ability to get through the rough times is more important than ever. myLIFE gives you the skills, strategies, and techniques to enhance your wellbeing, so that when you’re faced with life’s trickier situations, like a relationship breakdown or redundancy, you’ll know how to persevere until you reach calmer waters.


Human beings are social creatures. We are meant to live together, commune together, and work together. From good relationships we gain fulfilment, support, and happiness, which are key elements of our wellbeing.However, relationships can also be a major source of sadness, frustration, and despair. myRELATIONSHIPS takes a deep dive into the way we connect with other people, and introduces the essential building blocks for building better relationships both inside and outside of work.


Wanting to only experience positive emotions is natural, but going through negative emotions is important when making difficult and significant life choices. Every emotion serves a purpose, with each one affecting how we live our lives, and how we interact with other people. myEMOTIONS expands your understanding of how your brain and body processes different emotions, and reveals the impact these feelings can have on your life. Learn how to use your emotions to help you live your life based on your values and purpose.


Have you ever noticed that we don’t always do what’s good for us? Improving your wellbeing is a DIY project and unfortunately, there are plenty of things that can hold us back from reaching our goals. Maybe you struggle to get started in the first place, or just find it hard to keep going and see it through. myPLAN is designed to help you overcome these challenges and get you on the right track for persevering with your goals and forming new positive habits. So tap into these strategies and start executing your life goals.


Your physical health and your mental health are more closely linked than you realise. If your physical health isn’t in top form, there’s a good chance it’ll have an impact on your mental health, and vice versa. myBODY, is your tool kit to help you get the exercise, nutrition, sleep, and relaxation your body needs to operate at its best. We all have control over how we look after our bodies, and when we activate our willpower chemicals and take charge of our physical health and wellbeing our mental health improves too.


Nerves, neurons, and neurotransmitters connect your brain to the rest of your body, and send communication signals that enable your body to function properly. When a glitch occurs in your brain circuitry, it can filter through to your physical, emotional, psychological and social well-being. myMIND provides you with the tools and strategies you need to fortify your brain’s circuitry and develop a resilient mindset. These strategies will help prevent poor mental health and get you shifting your stress from harmful to helpful.

Online Learning Modules

Over 15 online learning modules to strengthen personal resilience aand improve wellbeing

Engaging Wellbeing Videos

A range of informative videos to assist employees navigate life’s challenges and maintain wellbeing

Indepth Podcast Series

Podcasts series that take deep dives into all things mental health, wellbeing and overcoming challenges

Information Factsheets

Over 500 factsheets and articles on every topic to do with wellbeing, relationships and mental health

Counselling & Coaching

Book face-to-face, phone or video counseling sessions with senior psychologists

The Resilience Box® is a Centre for Corporate Health company. Developed by Centre for Corporate Health senior psychologists.

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